The MacWorld Stevenote

Anytime Steve Jobs has a keynote speech, we should just designate it Internet Apple Love Day. I admit it, I was one of the millions sitting around and clicking refresh on Engadget’s coverage of the live Stevenote at MacWorld. Granted, I was doing it via my Blackberry while trying to pass off what I was doing as some semblance of work, but I still kept up. If *I* was interested/desperate enough to stay glued to my Blackberry screen for updates, then can you imagine those who were sitting at home with broadband? Jason says they were doing roughly 80k pageviews per minute, which is just astronomical and a perfect example of why Engadget is the breadwinner of the Weblogs Inc. family. Did you know that Engadget accounts for roughly 75% of the Weblogsinc advertising revenue? That, folks, is why there’s no room for any more gadget blogs and it’s why Gizmodo is nothing but an afterthought. Oh, and it’s a good thing they’re with AOL now, because I can’t see any independent server farms standing up under that kind of strain.

So what did his Steveness announce, exactly? Updated versions of some key Mac software (Aperture, iLife), a new iPod FM Reciever (interesting), and the new MacBook line of laptops. Oh, and a new iMac line as well, all powered by Intel chips and all running dual-core. Even the cheap iMac makes the old Powerbook G5 look like a retarded stepbrother. It’s insanely fast; I don’t want to quote specs and whatnot, because Engadget did a fine job of doing just that, but it’s obvious that these things are going to be highly coveted from this instant on.

I’ve been looking to jump into the Mac sphere for some time now, and eventually I would like to get a quad-core G5 for home use. But these MacBooks look really, really nice, and if they perform half as well as the specs dictate, I can’t see many other laptops out there performing half as well. Yeah, I’d like one, but it’s gonna be awhile before I can commit that kind of money to it.

Any way you look at it, Jobs and Apple are on a roll. These machines are sick, and they’re only gonna get better, faster, and more economical.