Yahoo Ain’t Giving Up

For all this talk of Yahoo throwing in the towel and conceding the search market to Google, there sure is lots of talk going on that, if proven correct, could see Yahoo jump right back in the game. They’ve already got Flickr, Upcoming and Delicious, and from what I hear, one final piece of the puzzle could be added sooner rather than later, as little birdies have informed me that Yahoo has an offer on the table to buy Digg for somewhere in the range of $35 million dollars.

I don’t know how true it is, but the same guy DID tell me that Yahoo was buying Delicious, and sure enough, they made an announcement two days later.

If I’m Kevin Rose, I’d be selling, because they are never going to get the kind of market price that’s being offered to them right now.

Update: I try to answer some of the questions surrounding the Digg purchase and speculate further on why they’re seeking Digg in the first place at another post. I’ve also got some speculation about the future of TagWorld, one of my favorite new social networking apps.


54 thoughts on “Yahoo Ain’t Giving Up

  1. danboarder says:

    actually, if Digg holds out, perhaps they could demand more on the market — and have a chance at creating a lasting change in user-led journalism… Digg could one day challenge Yahoo as a news source. I, for one, already use Digg more than Yahoo or CNET, the sites I used to use to find good tech and music news.

  2. That isn’t selling out, yahoo has much greater resources then kevin could ever afford, so it would make the digg experience so much better. Sell Kevin Sell !!! But keep diggnation going, I love that show…i wouldn’t sell all to yahoo, i would try and work out where I could keep some kind of creative design control, so they don’t change the interface to something crappy…Dugg….

  3. he would be smart to take the money and then start a new site thats better organized. many stories are just lost in the cracks because the stories arent being arranged properly. the front page is all anyone looks at and the stories are basically the same ones, the spy page proves this.

  4. hearing that myspace got $580 million makes me think that $35 is a bit low, yet tom had 60 million friends last time i checked and many people take him off their friends list! how many diggers are there?

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  29. Does anyone else have any other information about the Digg acquisition by Yahoo? Don’t know about you but I’d take $35M for zabr.com…. If I were the owners, I’d sell.

  30. yahoo trying to buy everything on the market, maybe including digg, is just a sign that the dont understand that business at all, digg is based on the concept of thousands of loyal diggers which would just follow the rose whereever he goes, so I hope they sell, throw a big party (we all ahve to get invited of course) and then turn around and start the next digg – I’m sure we would all meet there again

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