MySpace Spy

See, this is the kinda thing that MySpace needs to build into the system. TagWorld already does this, so it’s a shame that you have to resort to outside sources to do something that should be available to all users anyway.

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19 thoughts on “MySpace Spy

  1. im thinkin i have an online stalker, but i cant prove it… does this code actually tell me who checks my page and how many times? where would i put it? where do i get it?? is it just a rumor? or is it real?

  2. im thinkin i have an online stalker…does this code actually tell me who checks my page and how many times? where would i put it and where do i get it??

  3. Me says:

    well, it’s illegal because it breaks myspace’s privacy terms. myspace doesn’t want people to see who’s viewing their profiles and they especially don’t want people to collect IP addresses (which all of those spy sites do).

  4. easy there, mike. considering that i posted this on february 12, and myspacespy only stopped accepting new accounts a few days ago, i’d wager to say that you’re an idiot who doesn’t read things carefully before having crap of the mouth. but that’s just me.

  5. Sam C-Man says:

    This thing is not real. First you have to complete 20 surveys asking about your health and if you have dogs. What the heck? If your reading this, trust me. ITS BULLSHIT!!!!!! I use to work for an online company such as this one. All they do is get your email and if your stupid enough you’ll put your phone number and street address. Oh yeah, they do ask for all that information in the surveys. Whatever you do, dont believe “J. Botter” I am almost certain that this is just a made up USER NAME and and all this is bullshit. THIS IS MY JOB. REPORTING AND LETTING PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT FAULTY ADVERTISEMENTS IS WHAT I DO FOR A LIVING. PEOPLE WITH NO LIFE AND HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO MAKE THESE TYPES OF WEBSITES. Thank you for your wonderful website J. Botter. I cant believe you even went far enough to send fake comments to your own website. This is to good. Get a life Botter.

  6. Considering that the post was uploaded in February and it’s now September, do you not think that there’s a pretty good chance that it’s changed by now? And if you work for a company that reports faulty advertising schemes, then why do you have a Yahoo email address and use Road Runner’s home cable service? Ouch.

    And by the way, Jeremy Botter is my real name, and since you found this site by searching for “myspace spy” in Google, you’ll be glad to know that my new website is up at http://www.jbotter.com.

  7. I’m english and i want to know how i can get this tracker from a english website because evertime i go on that gay website you have to be American to get it which i think is a load of bollocks. :]

  8. meee says:

    okay… DONT TRY THIS!!! i already did and all you do is answer a crap load of questions, just to have it not even work.. i dont know why J. Botter is such an ass but DONT DO IT!! ITS FAKE!!

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