Jason’s Right

Jason Calacanis says there’s no business model for YouTube. Jason’s one of my heroes in the publishing business, and I’m going to have to back him up on this one. It’s nothing more than Napster for video. And it will continue to serve an illegal function up until the courts shut them down. Yes, it’s cool to be able to find all kinds of crazy videos on demand, but a lot of those videos are the sole property of NBC, especially in the Lazy Sunday case, and big companies don’t generally take too kindly to having their content stolen and then freely distributed.


8 thoughts on “Jason’s Right

  1. Definitely an interesting read. Didn’t understand your drug dealer reference though. Also, are you taking a different stand than Jason – the tone of your post makes it sound like you don’t think YouTube should be allowed to exist, but he makes it clear that YouTube should be allowed to exist and that it’s not their responsibility how users use/abuse it.

  2. No, I’m saying that unless YouTube comes up with some kind of model where they allow, let’s say, NBC to define how their content is used on YouTube. If there’s a small purchase plan, great. If not, the site is gonna get slammed by every major arts industry in the world for pirating that which is not theirs to pirate.

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