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I’ve suffered a major pulled muscle in my back, so I’m racked up at home until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest.  I’ll definitely be around later to discuss a few things, but I wanted to post a note saying that I realize that my comment comparing YouTube to drug dealers was probably a bit strong and perhaps quite a bit off-base.  I don’t believe YouTube has a business model nor can one be built off of hosting videos uploaded by users, because if there was, then Kazaa and other file-sharing services would be worth billions and not living in the mercy of the federal government and the RIAA.

The truth is, YouTube doesn’t really present anything that would be worth buying.  There’s tagging, which is all the rage these days (and for good reason), but outside of that, there’s nothing YouTube has that any big media or advertising player would need to pay for.  Yes, you can serve ads on top of those videos, but it’s only going to be a matter of time before conglomerates like NBC get tired of seeing YouTube profit from their content.

If YouTube only allowed the uploading of personal videos and commercial stuff was highly policed, then I could see something becoming of it. But it’s just a web-based version of BitTorrent or Kazaa, and we all know how the music and movie industries look at those two companies.


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  1. Just a question…what percentage of YouTube videos do you think have some sort of copyright infringement? There are cases like the Narnia video where NBC has a clear, obvious right to force youTube to yank the video…but what about an amateur video that happens to include part (or all) of a copyrighted song in the soundtrack? I guess that would also be considered infringement – but I wonder whether anyone cares about that sort of case.

  2. Your average user wouldn’t care about that type of thing. I certainly wouldn’t care. But the RIAA has proven time and time again that even the smallest, most trivial events will set them off towards lawsuit land. This is the type of thing that YouTube, in its present form, will not be able to avoid.

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