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Derek Powazek over at Technorati just introduced Technorati Favorites, a way for you to track your favorite bloggers.  Basically, it’s a “river of news” RSS reader, at least from first glance.  I haven’t had too much of a chance to delve into it too deeply, but I can’t imagine a power user finding this thing useful — especially since Technorait is at LEAST five hours behind on getting new posts in there.  I added Tara’s HorsePigCow as my first favorite, and the latest post showing up is from five hours ago, when in reality Tara has updated at 6:38pm according to my copy of FeedDemon.

I love Technorati dearly.  For bloggers, it represents a place where you can set goals for your own traffic, see who is talking about and linking to you, find new writing inspiration in the form of hot topics, and a place to gaze longingly at the Top 100 Blogs and envision yourself being there someday.  But Technorati Favorites doesn’t seem to serve much of a purpose, especially given that bloggers are a smart bunch and are probably already using a dedicated RSS reader to track their favorite blogs.  Or perhaps I’m wrong, and there’s some cool technology at work here with a dynamic new way of looking at things.  I’m just not seeing it, if there is.


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  1. Thanks for the review and the critique!

    We really didn’t design this as a replacement for your RSS reader – rather you can use this to share favorites with others, and more importantly, you can do search within your favorites – or within someone else’s favorites. So here’s a search for “blog” on Derek Powazek’s favorites:


    and on mine:


    and so on.

    Hope that helps clarify things!


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  3. Thanks for the response, Dave. I get the idea a little better now. At first, it felt like it was trying to be an RSS reader, but as a share/social tool, it works really well!

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