Apple Special Event

Well, I didn’t think we’d see much of an increase in traffic at The Blog 50 due to the Apple Special Event this morning, but apparently I was wrong. The trickle-down effect from Engadget (who linked us this morning) is so huge that the server has actually gone down. Hopefully things will get back to normal here in a few minutes, because I’ve got an exclusive from Peter Rojas on the traffic that Engadget is doing this morning, and I want to make sure that it gets out there.

Update: Steve has announced a new Core Duo Mac Mini that also functions as a media center. Has DVI outs, analog in and outs, Front Row with a remote. Yeah, I am getting one of those. Also announced thus far is the iPod HiFi, a new iPod Boombox for audiophiles. Like an iPod, but in boombox format.