The Apple Cult

Looking at the traffic reports from this morning’s Apple Special Event is astounding. I’m not even talking about traffic for The Blog 50, which was through the roof until the server crapped out on us. Peter Rojas told me that Engadget was doing roughly 80,000 pageviews per minute. PER MINUTE. Most websites/blogs would kill to do 80,000 pageviews per month, but Engadget was doing that much in a single minute. They were also doing about 25 comments per minute, so it’s no wonder that the Engadget servers were having trouble keeping up.

Why do Apple events generate this much of a response? You’d never see something like this if Microsoft did a special announcement; that could be proven wrong on Thursday when they reveal details about the Origami Project, but I doubt Engadget will do 80,000 pageviews per minute during that event anyway. Apple events are one of the highest-drawing days in terms of traffic for just about any blog in the world, and they draw a much, much higher response than even huge sporting events like the Super Bowl or Wrestlemania do for their respective blogs.

So why are they such a huge deal? Is it because Apple stays mum on what they’re releasing until the moment they actually announce it? It’s an absolute wonder that details hardly ever leak out about these things before they release them; Apple must have some pretty stringent guidelines for employees being punished for releasing details, because otherwise, you’d see information getting out long before it’s actually announced — just like every other tech company in the world. Microsoft’s Origami Project has the overtones of an Apple announcement, but everyone already knows what it is, what it looks like, and what kind of software it will run. Sure, ThinkSecret talked about an iPod boombox getting released two weeks ago, but no one really knew for sure until this morning.

Is it because the products are so well designed and generally pretty darn good? Could be. Apple has the best designers in the business, maybe in the world, and every product they release gets glowing reviews from everyone in the tech world. There truly is a cult of Apple, but it’s not just Mac users. No, the entire world is pretty much in on the Apple cult, as proven by the huge numbers tech websites covering the Special Events do during the announcements.

The entire world belongs to Apple. More than any other company out there, they show the brightest future. Everything they release is so well thought out, so well designed, that other companies seem like they really do not have a clue. Google throws projects together and pushes them out the door without any regard to if they’re actually good or not. Apple takes special care in everything they release, and that’s why they will continue to be a major player in the game. Perhaps not the computer market, but in music and movies they have proven to be one of, if not THE, best at doing what they do.


5 thoughts on “The Apple Cult

  1. S.H. says:

    Yes, it is pretty amazing. I like the look and design of apple products, but I still brought a microsoft/dell computer, and I think I don’t think I’m going to buy an iPod… Too many people have issues with iPods, and a lot of people I know who have Apple products, although they like the design and look of them, have issues with the software.Maybe it’s just how they’re used… *shrugs*

  2. I love my iPod. I’ve had four of them, and I currently own two. Yes, this is overkill and I realize that. But I’ve never had any issues with the software on the iPods. It’s wonderful.

    I’ve never owned a Mac, so I can’t attest to how well the software works on them, but everyone I know who has one swears by them. I’m getting a MacBook Pro, so I should be able to give some type of review in a few months once I’ve had some time to play around with it a lot.

  3. I’ll be finding out soon, I’ve owned PC’s since ’84 and will get my first Mac soon, the Intel laptop. Too many endless security holes, patches, updates requiring reoots in the Windows world, I just want to get work done.

  4. Jonathan says:

    Yes, I agree that Apple is an innovative company that produces some quality product. However some of Apples products have had too much emphasis on design and not functionality. The cube and Imac are good examples of this. I like what Apple was doing, but the inherent problems of those models was due directly to flaws in their design. Apple is a pretty consistent with good products, but it’s no secret that they get a lot more credit than they deserve.

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