I’ll be getting on a bus tomorrow morning at 10:45 bus ride to Houston that will last eight hours. Those of you familiar with Texas will notice something funny about an eight hour bus ride from Killeen (near Austin) to Houston, since it’s really only a three hour drive when you’re taking your personal car. But bus travel is more painful, long and degrading than any other type of transportation, and thus it takes five extra hours to make the trip when it should only take three. Oh well — at least I’m going home, and that’s what really matters. Taking leave from here is one of the few things left that brings me pure joy, and I’m going on leave tomorrow to spend time with my family, sisters, and hopefully some time with someone else. Readers from yesterday will know what I’m talking about there.

I’ll be working on a lot on the network this weekend; my goal is to launch two of our new blogs and announce the new name for the network. It’s all dependent upon the new server for the network going up, because I don’t really want to launch them unless they’re on a stable box.

I’m also going to be in the studio quite a bit, putting the finishing touches on the Favorites album and a few songs I’m recording for myself. I’ll probably post my songs once I’m done, but the Favorites stuff will have to wait.