TagWorld and the upcoming war

Texas weather is no fun at all. After a brief period of rainy days and cool nights, we’re staring in the face of 90 degrees today, and I gotta tell you, the outlook is really, really bright. Too bright for my tastes, in fact. I despise hot weather, which makes my desire to get over to Iraq as soon as possible seem a little strange, I guess.

I’ve been talking with the folks over at TagWorld about implementing The Favorites into their featured bands lineup. The TW people have been nothing if not incredibly receptive and supportive; how many other CEO’s of companies with 2 million users will take the time to not only respond to your messages personally, but contact YOU on their own volition to see how you’re enjoying the service? Not too many. It’s just one reason that Tagworld blows Myspace out of the water in every single aspect outside of user count, but that’ll come.

The war over social networking is getting ready to heat up, and I think it’s going to be ugly. AOL now has revealed that it’s building a social networking site based around AIM where each AIM user will have a page a aim.com/username. Yeah, it’ll be huge, but it won’t be as big as everyone seems to think. A platform built around AIM means that Yahoo exclusive users won’t get to to be involved unless they sign up for AIM, and this’ll mean cutting out a large percentage of people who use Tagworld or MySpace.

But yeah, it’s going to be ugly. I’m pulling for TagWorld on this one, because they just rock.


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