I’ll probably be posting all day tomorrow, seeing as how I have staff duty and have to stay awake from 9am tomorrow until 9am Monday morning. I wasn’t scheduled to do it, but you get the entire day off after you are finished with duty, and there’s something about not having to work on Monday that makes the rest of the week go down much easier.

— Looks like Apple is releasing a new MacBook to replace the iBook. Oh, and it’s available in black or white. I’m thinking that a black MacBook would look awfully sweet.

— Someone unearthed a 2004 patent filing from Microsoft for a piece of software that will automagically censor curse words on live television. See, that’s a cool invention. They could go back to having the Oscars and other awards shows totally live, because the software would bleep out any undesirable language.

This is all fine and good, but can they tweak the software to have it automatically turn off the sound whenever one of the Simpson sisters starts singing or talking?