Staff duty might just the most boring thing a human being could ever be asked to do.

In the Army, staff duty is where you sit downstairs in your building at a desk, just to make sure nobody gets out of control. Gotta keep underage kids from drinking, although if they’re old enough to die for their country, they should be considered old enough to tie a few on anytime they feel like it. But yeah, it’s part of the job. And it lasts for 24 HOURS.

No matter how many times I pull SD, I never really get used to it. I actually enjoy it, because you get the next day after your duty ends off work. You’re supposed to use that time to sleep, but I never really do. I’ll pass out for a few hours and then I’ll wake up fresh, ready to start another day of doing absolutely nothing.

I’ll probably write more tonight, once I figure out how to send my personal wi-fi signal down here. Using the Army’s net connection is fast and all, but you have to use secure layers for just about every site (including this one) because anything remotely deemed “personal” has been filtered and blocked.