MySpace IM Launches

MySpace has launched its desktop IM client, which is the replacement tool for the horrid (when it worked) instant messaging feature the social networking service has been running since its inception.

I’ve installed the client, and it’s quite clean and user-friendly. That’s a surprise, too, since the rest of MySpace is pretty awful as far as simplicity goes. When you first fire it up, it’ll ask you for your email and password, which of course is the same login information that you use for accessing Myspace. Tom is your only friend when you start, and you have to add the friends you want on your IM manually. This is quite easy to do — you simply click “add friends to IM” and it’ll take you to your friends list, where you’ll find a “Add to IM” button under each photo. Click it, and it’ll add them to your client. Friends of mine have complained that it doesn’t automatically populate your buddy list with your friends list from MySpace, but I can see why they did it this way. Some people (such as myself) used to add anyone and everyone who sends them friend requests, and I certainly wouldn’t want 250 people that I don’t know on my IM client. It’d be way too much to wade through. I’d rather add the people I actually think I’ll talk to, so it’s set up perfectly for me.

Kareem Mayan has more information, plus screenshots. Om Malik has a brief blurb as well, though I don’t think he’s tried the software yet.

My next mission: get Tara Hunt to actually use Myspace. We’ve been doing all sorts of Pinko Marketing with The Favorites, and MySpace has been an incredible tool for building our community.