I’m Lost

I'm finally getting caugh up on all the Lost I've missed out on over the past month.  I used to watch it on a weekly basis, never missed a single episode, but time has been a fleeting thing lately, so I'm missed out.  But hey, thanks to the magic of bittorrent, I'm caught up on all but the latest episode, which I'm watching now.

Needless to say, man, this thing gets stranger and stranger every episode. I thought I had everything figured out until the latest episode with Hurley as the focalpoint, and after that, I've got no idea.  I thought that maybe Dave was in Hurley's head, and that all seemed fine and good, but the ending of the episode with Libby actually in the same mental institution as Hurley threw me for a loop and a half.

What the heck is going on with this island? 


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