Closing Out The Week

This week has been insanely short.  We were off Monday (for Memorial Day), and I had staff duty yesterday, which means I was off work today.  So, in reality, the only work I'm gonna be doing is tomorrow, and even then I'll be out half the day with an appointment.  After work, I'm heading to College Station to spend the weekend with Brittny (sister). I'll also be attempting to avoid all of the Aggie Corps idiots who try to act like they rule the town with a military fist, but in reality they're a joke organization that produces joke officers.  Yes, I said it.  If they truly wanted to get a leg up in the military, they would have gone to West Point or about ten other schools, because at least no one laughs at those graduates.

Sorry.  I'm a Texas student and both of my sisters are Aggies, and despite the difference in the schools and the respective towns of Austin and College Station, I still dig the vibe of CS a little bit.  I used to be a big fan of Austin, but I'm not really a party type of guy anymore, so I like the chilled, laid-back vibe of College Station a little bit more.

But I'd still rather go to UT for schooling.