See Ya, Bill

Bill Gates is retiring from Microsoft in 2008.

You know, I actually like seeing the new rep Microsoft is getting lately.  A large majority of the good publicity they're recieving is due to Robert Scoble, the man who announced to the world last weekend that he was leaving Microsoft for a position with PodTech.  Microsoft has always had this reputation as the big Evil Empire, but now that Google seems intent on taking that throne (and quickly, I might add), Microsoft is starting to be seen as the underdog.  I have no idea how a company that has jillions of dollars in marketshare could be feasibly called an underdog, but Scoble was able to add a human face to the company that didn't really exist before.  

Bill Gates might be the richest dude in the world, but the fact that he's retiring from Microsoft at a pretty early age to focus on his charity work (in which he's invested half of his fortune) is highly commendable.