DS Games Retain Value

Man, Nintendo DS games have a pretty high trade-in value. I bought Nintendogs over three months ago, and I spent much of that time neglecting my poor three pooches.  It was fun to begin with, but it quickly began seeming less like fun and more like a chore, and I don't want to play videogames to do chores.  So I traded that in (along with Animal Crossing, which I never really enjoyed to begin with), and I got $38.  I paid $40 for the games to begin with.  Excellent.

I grabbed Tony Hawk's American Skateland and Big Brain Academy with the trade-in money.  I've always loved Tony Hawk games (even on the Game Boy Advance), and this one looks SWEET.  The graphical style totally looks like you're playing a cartoon. Big Brain Academy was a, well, no-brainer simply because I'm hooked on Brain Age and want to play more games that will make me smarter.

We had nothing to do at work today, so four of us pulled out our DS and had a little New Super Mario Brothers multiplayer action going.

I love the DS Lite.