Hitwise Study on NYT vs. Digg

As a followup to my previous post about Digg being compared to the New York Times, LeAnn Prescott from Hitwise has released a comparative study on the traffic of both sites. The data backs up what I pointed out in my post: though Digg may have the market cornered on early adopters, the New York Times still far outweighs Digg in terms of how many people are reading it.

The interesting thing to me was the complete and total difference in the audience that both sites draw.

Digg attracts a different demographic audience than the NY Times. For the four weeks ending 7/1/06, 26% of Digg’s users were in the 18-24 age bracket, while only 9.5% of NY Times users were in that age group. NY Times skews much older, with 34% of its users in the 55+ age group. Only 10% of Digg’s users were over 55 in that time period.

I don’t think Kevin and Jay actually WANT Digg to be the New York Times.  They’ve both stated in the past that they’re huge fans of the paper, and they also subscribe to my belief that nothing will ever beat sitting back in an easy chair and reading a real newspaper. I get most of my news from the internet, but I’ll always love sitting back and reading the deadtree newspapers.