Zooomr Gives Away Pro Accounts

I knew that hiring Thomas Hawk was the smartest thing Zooomr could have done. In what I assume could only be his doing, Zooomr has decided to give a free Zooomr Pro account to all bloggers. All you have to do is host one of your personal images from Zooomr on your blog (as I’ve done with the square thumbnail over on the right), and then leave a comment on the above linked post. That’s it — there’s no other catches.

This, my friends, is a direct shot across Flickr’s bow. Zooomr is already hugely popular with the early adopter crowd because it’s faster and there’s a lot more geeky features available than Flickr has, but with this announcement, I see it becoming the darling of the blogosphere, and in a hurry. I can’t wait to get my Canon EOS 5D back so I can start taking pictures and using Zooomr more often.