Gmail adds new features

Despite all the bad press Google has received lately, no one can deny they’ve at least done right by Gmail. Since they introduced the web-based email service, Google has continually improved Gmail, even when it’s universally considered to be the best email service available. They’re expanding it again, adding two new features that power users will absolutely adore.

The first feature is a new button that allows you to delete all of your spam messages with a single click. If you’re like me and get over 600 spam messages a day added to your spam box, this is a welcome addition. No more clicking through each page of spam and selecting all of them — now you can empty the entire box by clicking one link.

Secondly, they’re adding the ability to apply user-created filters to existing messages. Currently, all you can do is apply filters to new, incoming messages, but with this addition you’ll be able to apply them to your archived email as well. This will be great for those with organizational tendencies, as you’ll be able to go back and divide your messages up however you choose, even if they’re not exactly new.

Kudos, Google.


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