Getting Paid For Loving

Jason has unveiled a few of the new Netscape Navigators.

Here’s the question to those of you who don’t agree with what Jason is doing: when did it become wrong to be paid for work? And when did it become wrong to get paid for work you do that you just so happen to love doing?

In the past, I’ve run into this issue as a musician. Some people think that musicians love doing what they do (which we do), so they won’t mind not getting paid. How amazingly stupid is that? Just because I love doing something doesn’t mean I’d turn down a chance to get paid to do it.

The same thing goes for Digg. I’m not all that active on Digg, but if I were, and I were one of the top contributors, then I’d be willing to get paid for it. There’s nothing wrong with that, just like there’s nothing wrong with Jason offering to pay people for the work they do. I commend him for this decision, and once again he proves that he’s way ahead of the rest of the crowd in terms of forward thinking.