Stop, Jason

Jason, I agree that paying your top social bookmarkers is a good thing to do, but you’ve gotta stop taking potshots at Kevin Rose and Digg over this thing. You’re not the underdog here, man, so there’s no need to take little swipes at Kevin and the Digg team. All you’re doing is creating a bad taste in the mouth of many supporters, of which I am one.

Just concentrate on creating the best product you can and stop the one-sided verbal war. Kevin stopped long ago, probably because he realized it’s pointless. You’re not going to add thousands of users by taking potshots at the competition, but you WILL earn thousands of new users by developing and deploying exciting new stuff that Digg doesn’t have. Concentrate on being creative and pushing the bleeding edge and don’t worry about what Digg is or isn’t doing anymore.


One thought on “Stop, Jason

  1. They’ll get over it soon until the fat lady sings. I don’t know about these people. Why can’t we just mind our own business and live a very peaceful life. Who wouldn’t want that!

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