You Suck, Music Industry

The news that the music industry has shifted the ground war on music downloading to include websites and communities that make guitar tablature available has me extremely angry.

Just so we’re clear, here’s my philosophy and methodology on downloading music. I buy singles from new albums from iTunes, and if I like three or four songs from an album, I’ll download the full album. For artists that I’m iffy about, I’ll grab a few tunes from a filesharing service and give them a spin. I I really and truly enjoy a band or solo artist, I’ll order some merchandise from them in as direct of a manner as possible. This way, the money I’m spending goes to the artist instead of the record label, who truly are serving as nothing more than a bank that loans money to that artist. If the bank wants to get their money back, they’re going to need to do it through hard work and not by raping musicians for every penny and piggybacking off talent and vision they’ll never have and concentrate on innovating the industry instead of putting on a three piece suit and feeling like they have a place in music history, when in reality they’re nothing but a loan shark of the worst kind.

Sorry about the rant. There’s more coming, however.

I’ve tried to be lenient and understanding to at least a portion of the music industry’s plight here. Downloading music and albums and DVD’s without ever compensating the artists involved is completely wrong, and I’ve never supported that. But now you’re going after the musicians and people who share tablature on the web? Have you not realized that these guitar players are only going after tabs for songs because they, God forbid, actually enjoy the artist enough to try and learn the songs themselves? That we, as musicians, might be able to read those crappy excuse for “Guitar” books that you put out to accompany albums, but that those books suck so bad and very rarely include anything for guitar players beyond showing us how to play regular chords that 98% of us know how to play anyway? Do you not realize that these books NEVER show guitar parts, which is what we’re interested in, because strangely enough we’re GUITARISTS. Last time I checked, a guitar player doesn’t want to sit down and read simplified chord charts and piano parts for a song that doesn’t include piano in the original recording to begin with.

Music industry, we all understand that you suck. We know you’re desperately trying to hold on to your ancient industry and business methods, and that you’ll crush any attempt by anyone to try and gain a foothold. You’ve seen bands prove that they don’t need you, and so you’re turning your efforts to another dedicated part of your community to try and crush them and their spirits as well. Surely you realize that if someone actually takes the time to look up a guitar part for an album you released, it means they’re probably listening to it and might be more likely to buy music from that artist in the future if you didn’t, you know, send them threatening letters.

You’re all idiots, every last one of you, and I hope you completely fold and lose all of your jobs and end up homeless and on the street begging for food.


4 thoughts on “You Suck, Music Industry

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  2. Great screed. Find a community of people who love music so much they spend decades collectively documenting lyrics, working out tabs, learning to play songs, and buying the musicians’ stuff. Send lawyers to shut ’em down. Stupid bastards.

    BTW, what you said about so-called “guitar” books is right on, I’ve never understood what they are thinking with 90% of those things.

  3. J says:

    They, the Music Industry, are fighting a losing battle. It’s a numbers game. They may manage to prosecute 1 tenth of 1 percent, but mostly what they hope to do is intimidate. Eventually they’ll be dragged into the 21st century. When they get here, they’ll do what they can to ruin it, and not just with the crappy music they insist on propagating, but with their antiquated ideas about intellectual property.

  4. I understand your sentiments. We are enjoying what technology has brought us at the same time we hate it. This is just one of the disadvantages the technology has given us. Look how piracy has been doing to our market. It’s just irritating.

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