It’s Official: MySpace is #1

Mike informs us that MySpace has officially become the biggest site on the internet (at least in terms of pageviews and according to ComScore numbers). Yahoo has experienced a 9% growth loss over the past month, which has something to do with these numbers, but MySpace still has reason to celebrate.

As much as everyone has been claiming over the past six months that MySpace is fading and will die out within the next few years, I still see every single one of my friends checking MySpace accounts multiple times per day — most of them check it far more than they do their own personal email — and it’s proving time and time again that it’s still a highly sticky site. It may not pull in the kind of advertising revenue that News Corp would like it to, but there is nothing in the world more powerful as a marketing machine right now than MySpace, and I don’t see that changing at any point in the near future.