Snocap Stores Now Available For MySpace Artists

Tom Anderson sent out a message to all MySpace artists tonight to let them know that the much-ballyhooed Snocap service is now available to everyone, effectively giving all musicians an outlet to sell their music through the gigantic social networking site. If you haven’t heard of Snocap, it’s the brainchild of Shawn Fanning (the founder of Napster) that bills itself as the “first end to end provider of digital licensing and copyright management services for the digital music marketplace”.

Translation: artists can now easily sell their music on MySpace.

A few specifics that aren’t covered in Tom’s psuedo-press release:

  • There is an annual network fee of $30 per year for unsigned bands, but it’s waived for the first year. This option is only available to artists who sell up to 1,000 tracks; at that point, you’ll have to move up to the “indie label/aggregator” package, which will allow you to sell up to 100,000 tracks and will cost you $100 per year (also waived the first year). It’s unclear whether this number refers to 1,000 individual sales or 1,000 tracks; the former would probably be surpassed by a good indie band in a matter of months, whereas 1,000 tracks would probably take even the most prolific of major label acts a very, very long time to attain.
  • Snocap charges a minimum of 45 cents per track; you’re allowed to set the price, so long as it remains above that 45 cent minimum. They also take the greater number of .10 or 15% of your wholesale price as a per-track transaction fee. Again, this only applies to independent bands, as anyone at a higher level will have to work out a customized deal with the service.
  • Anyone wishing to sign up for Snocap must first provide a credit card number.

Full text of Anderson’s message is after the jump.


Hey MySpace artists,

Music has always been at the heart of the MySpace community. As an artist, you have a place to connect directly with music lovers and build a fan base. Now, through our partnership with SNOCAP, you can sell digital downloads right on your MySpace page. This is something we’ve wanted to bring to you for a long time, and now it’s here!

It’s really simple. Just click the “Create Your MySpace Music Store” link on your Home page to register with SNOCAP (or click here), upload your music, and set your price. Your store will be automatically created on your MySpace profile right underneath the MySpace player, and a new “Manage Music Store” link will appear on your home page which lets you edit your songs or change the price. Once you’ve created your store your fans will be able to purchase your tracks right off your profile and even post your store on their own profiles, and you’ll get paid on a monthly basis. Click The Format
to check it out.

You don’t need to wait to have a CD’s worth of music to sell. Record something tonight and make it available immediately. Or upload a few tracks from the soundboard recording of your last show. A MySpace/SNOCAP MyStore puts the power of distribution in your hands. And best of all, it doesn’t limit any of your choices. You can still stream up to 4 tracks for free from the MySpace player on your page. You keep all the rights to your music. And this isn’t exclusive – you can put a MySpace/SNOCAP MyStore on your MySpace page and paste the store anywhere else on the web you use for promotion; plus you can also sell through an aggregator or any other digital retailer you have access to.

You already use MySpace to market & promote – now you can sell your songs!



27 thoughts on “Snocap Stores Now Available For MySpace Artists

  1. Bill Hester says:

    And the ‘service’ is currently available only to US resident artists with (presumably) US bank account, US Social Security Number, US credit card – these three items get mentioned in detail.

    The service *sounds* good, allowing tracks to be uploaded without ISRC track codes, and without being on actual CDs, etc to be managed at the track level, with price set by the artist…..

    But the biggest impediment (for US artists) will be the costs of the service. 45 cents per track is not quite the ‘nominal’ charge mentioned in early press release information.

    And overseas artists will no doubt have other issues and costs even once able to use.

  2. Dave says:

    Yes. Log into your myspace page. Click the link that says “Create your myspace music store”. Click the sign up button on the myspace info page, which takes you to the snocap login/signup page. Log into snocap with your snocap username/password. You will be presented with your store to integrate into your myspace page. After you select it, it may take up to 15 minutes before it propagates to myspace. You should see it show up underneath the myspace music player after that.

    If you have trouble, shoot an email to

  3. Dave says:

    Jon, is the label type you’ve indicated on your MySpace profile “Unsigned”? If not, the link won’t show (I think MySpace is addressing this). If it’s something other than “Unsigned”, change it and see if the link appears.

  4. Mark says:

    I registered with Snocap, uploaded the songs (they’re on Snocap), yet all that appears in the Snocap box is

    “We’re sorry
    This store is currently empty and there are no tracks for sale…. Please check again later.”

    I e-mailed Snocap and they replied asking if I had done this and that, it’s all good, it still doesn’t work, I e-mailed them again, no reply.

    What the **** am I doing wrong? Is it because our MySpace and Snocap usernames and passwords are different?

  5. Dave says:


    To figure out what’s going on with your store, I’ll need to look at it (and get the store ID that you see when you “copy this store” from the “spread the word” menu. Email me with your myspace URL or the code from your mystore and I’ll find out. Use this email:


  6. Mark,
    I hope your problems with SnoCap have ended. One thing I have noticed about SnoCap is that it takes a long time to update. When you do anything, be patient. It will take a while to show. When I first added my SnoCap store, I got the same message so don’t worry unless it continues to show up. If you want to check out mine go to Let me know if anything else goes wrong.


  7. i have a myspace music account… still not seeing it..i keep refreshing hoping something will happen… and i have sent out e-mails to both snocap and myspace over two weeks ago..

  8. The link shows up if you are unsigned artist only. If your label type is “major” or something other than unsigned, then the link will not appear. Try this:

    If the “Create Your MySpace Music Store” doesn’t appear on your MySpace profile

    MySpace only displays the “Create Your MySpace Music Store” link for unsigned artists. If this link doesn’t show up for you, check the label type you’ve specified in your MySpace profile. Here’s how to change it.

    Go to and log in

    Click “edit profile” – to the right of your photo

    Click the top tab that says [Band Details]

    Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the (Edit) link to the right of “Label Type”

    Where it says “Type of Record Label”, from the pull-down menu, choose “Unsigned”, then click [Preview]. (You can change it back later, after this link-up is done)

    Next it will say “Type of Record Label Preview”, click [Submit]

    Something should pop up and say “Changes will be made within 24 hours”. Click OK to that.

    When you return to your profile home, the “Create Your MySpace Music Store” link should appear in the top-left section of the page.

  9. i really do appreciate all the help, but… i am an unsigned artist.. i even changed it then changed it back to see if it would work, still …nada.. not sure what the problem is..?
    still no link..

  10. I don’t know what’s happening–it’s on the MySpace side (i.e. SNOCAP doesn’t directly control whether that link is displaye). If you post the URL to your MyStore (get that from your SNOCAP account), I can get SNOCAP to cause it to appear on your MySpace page.

  11. well after a little digging around in my acount settings, i found that the show my music store option was not checked.. i got it up and running.. thanks for the effort and support!! -quinton-

  12. Why am I unable to see anything in the snocap box when I am at the webpage of any artist that uses snocap. I have the latest IE browser and clear my cache often. Thanks.

  13. well, i have read through this entire thread, and still haven’t found an answer to my question. dave, you seem to have a pretty good grip on the whole situation, so i was going to shoot you an e-mail and ask you to help me out if you can.

    for those of you wondering what my questions is, i was on cd baby’s snocap deal, and had a mystore through cd baby. now i have created my own store, as cd baby’s is no longer active and i want to put my new store on myspace, not the old cd baby one.


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  15. i really do appreciate all the help, but… i am an unsigned artist… and i would like to sale my music to the world. to see if it would work, still …nada.. not sure what the problem is..?
    still no link..

  16. Can someone help!My snocap store will not post under the myspace player. It’s been two weeks and neither myspace nor snocap has responded. I’ve been reading a lot of Quinton’s comments above. I’m having the same problem. I’ve tried everthing! I mean everything, and it’s still not working. I’ve tried to make a new account and I still can’t post my snocap store under the player. Do anybody have any other suggestions?

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