Two Links Before Lunch

I’m headed out to lunch, but I thought I’d drop a few links here for those of you reading my feed today:

Ed Mills : Coding In Notepad Does Not Make You Clever — I laughed at this post because I used to do the same thing. My buddies in college would be using FrontPage to design sites, and I’d sit beside them smugly while coding away in Notepad and occasionally throwing a smirk in their general directions.

Seth Godin : Org 2.0: What Every Smart Non-Profit Needs To Know – Words of wisdom from one of the smartest people I’ve ever heard of, this e-book is a free PDF download that will give you six great things you can do to get your non-profit noticed. The killer part? Five of the things he talks about apply just as well to blogs or startups. You’d be an idiot to miss this one.