StumbleUpon Video Launches, Wastes My Day

StumbleUpon is already insanely addicting, and now they’ve added a new twist to the proceedings: StumbleVideo. They basically take the StumbleUpon framework and apply it to video, but instead of using a browser extension (as with the regular service), you stay in a web browser the whole time as it brings you cool videos from YouTube and other services. It learns your habits and tendencies, figures out what you enjoy watching, and then brings you videos that it thinks you’ll enjoy.

I intended on spending a few minutes checking it out this morning, and that “few minutes” soon became “over an hour”. The service has a knack for knowing what videos I enjoy, and I’ve yet to see one that I’ve given a thumbs-down to. The basic gist of the service is this: you sit in a web browser and watch cool videos from YouTube and other video providers.. You either give those videos and thumbs-up or a thumbs-down, and as you rate the videos it learns what you enjoy and then delivers you videos based upon the stuff you’ve rated in the past. It even works in conjunction with the StumbleUpon service to give you even better videos to watch, which is absolutely fantastic.

If SUV (my new acronym for the site) is this good this early in the game, it’ll be scary-good once they refine it even more.

Robert Scoble was the first (as far as I know) to get a live demo, so check out the ScobleShow if you’re interested in seeing the product in action. Robert is consistently making the best videos around these days; they’re always interesting, especially when they revolve around anything involving photography. He really needs to film another photowalking series with Thomas Hawk, because I’ve worn out the old ones trying to take notes and learn cool new tricks.

Better yet, try it for yourself.

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