Merry Christmas, One Day Late

Sorry for the lack of posting around here lately, but…well, Merry Christmas.  When I go home for the holidays, I tend to disappear and barely even find the time to log on to check my email, much less formulate enough thought for a WordPress posting or two.  I can’t guarantee that the next week won’t be the same, because I’m going to be superbly busy until next Wednesday…which is the day I leave the Army (for good) and return back to Houston!

Quick Christmas wrapup before I throw on a podcast and go to bed: recieved not one but two lenses for my Canon, although one of them is actually Soundgruve property, but it still felt like Christmas getting to use it for the first time on Friday night.  Also got a new iPod Shuffle, which RULES and is all kinds of awesome. Spent a lot of time with my family, which was great, and ate an absurd amount of food, which I then felt guilty about and nearly worked myself to death in the gym.

Good times.