I Want A Free Laptop

For all the love I have for everything Apple, I still wish Microsoft had sent me a free laptop with Vista pre-loaded.

Why? Mostly because I’m interested in seeing what all the hype (both positive and negative) is all about. Vista could be either the biggest thing Microsoft has ever done or it could be the biggest failure in the history of the company, and I’d like to see first-hand why (without spending the money required to actually do this).

There’s also a few programs I still have to run in Windows, and while my Macbook is a perfect XP machine if there ever was one, I’d still love to see what Vista brings to the table.

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8 thoughts on “I Want A Free Laptop

  1. Matthew says:

    Yeah tell me about it!

    It would be nice to see what Vista is all about. Furthermore, it would probably be a pretty nice laptop spec-wise in order to handle all of the glitz and glam.

    Then again, if you were strapped for cash, it might go for a pretty penny on Ebay!

  2. I’d probably test it out for awhile and then give it to a buddy who will no doubt be deploying (again) late in 2007.

    In better news, my final out date was changed to TOMORROW. I don’t think I can get CIF done in time to actually sign out tomorrow, but it’s comforting to know that I could leave the Army tomorrow if everything was taken care of in time.

  3. Everybody seems to be running after these so called “free laptops from Microsoft” 😉 Anyhow, I am disappointed with Windows Vista. I tested the official beta back last year, however, I gave up testing due to the fact that it wouldn’t run on my laptop. I had much respect from Microsoft regarding Windows Vista. It’s just pathetic now.

  4. The Vista betas wouldn’t work on my laptop either and I was just as disgruntled as you, but when I got around to trying RC2, my whole perspective turned back around. There is a massive gap between RC1 and 2 in compatibility and it makes all the difference to have it actually working. If you still want to try it, just grab a RC2 iso somewhere, and it shouldn’t be too hard to find a beta key either.

  5. I would like a free laptop because I really need a new laptop because my old laptop dosen’t work to good anymore. I also really need a new laptop because I’m still in school at home so I can be with my children.I really need this free laptop and I hope that I get it.

  6. LaTeisha Wilson says:

    Hello my name is Lateisha and I would like to have a free laptop
    for myself and children my daughter is 7 and has to strat doing projects for school and not to mention it would be nice and I can’t afford to buy one now -or in the near futhure so thanks.

  7. Hello my name is WILLIE and I’m about to start school soon and I need a free labtop, because I can’t afford to but one now or in the near future so thanks. It’s would be nice to have to help me in my school work.


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