UFC 66: Post-Show Press Conference

Some notes from the post-show press conference:

  • Dana White announced 14,607 fans with a $5,397,000 gate. That, folks, is a HUGE number.
  • White says he wants to push Gonzaga as a heavyweight. That’s good, because outside of Arlovsky and Cro Cop, there are no great heavyweights in the company. Tim Sylvia is horrible.
  • Next contender for the Light Heavyweight title is Quinton Jackson, providing he beats Marvin Eastman in February. That’s another PPV that could go over a million buys if they build it properly, because Jackson has beaten Liddell and he’s got a ton of charisma.
  • They’re doing their first event in the United Kingdom in April.
  • Dana’s goal is to bring in more heavyweights in the first half of 2007. I strongly suspect they will give Fedor a huge contract to come in.
  • Mirko Cro Cop’s contract is for six fights and two years, which puts to rest all the speculation that he only signed a one fight deal. Dana White doesn’t do one fight deals because you can’t put any promotion behind a guy just to watch him jump ship.
  • There will be a live show in Mexico in late 2007 or early 2008.
  • Ortiz says he has no excuses and that Chuck is the best fighter in the world. Liddell has a broken tendon in one of his fingers. Tito came across at the press conference like a superstar.