Super Bore XLI

That was, in all likelihood, the worst Super Bowl I have ever seen. It was good seeing Peyton Manning finally win the big one, but it was terrible watching how it happened.  I realize that most of the blame can be placed on the weather, which caused turnover after turnover, but some of that blame can also be placed on Rex Grossman.

Grossman outplayed Manning in the first half and then seemingly threw himself off a cliff. Watching Grossman in the second half was a study in pain and confusion, with me spending half the time wondering just how in the world that man got a job as an NFL quarterback in the first place, much less took that team to the Super Bowl. Grossman made several throws that local high school quarterbacks here in Katy wouldn’t make, and he’s probably out of a job after that horrid performance.

The good news about Grossman’s horrible performance is that the Bears are seemingly interested in David Carr. I’d actually be glad to have Grossman over Carr, because I think Rex might be able to learn a thing or two from the game yesterday and become a better player. I’m thinking that deal won’t happen, though, because David Carr wants to go to Minnesota and Jake Plummer is destined to be a Houston Texan.


6 thoughts on “Super Bore XLI

  1. bford says:

    Grossman did play like Carr, but he doesn’t have a big arm…don’t need him here in Houston… I’ll take plummer or rosenfel here until we groom another qb.

  2. PackersFan says:

    Well, regardless of the fact that there were 8 turnovers (which I personally think are pretty awesome) it wasn’t that bad of a game, just wish the Colt’s offense didn’t get so much frickin’ playing time, like they did against the Pats. I was off 5 in by prediciton =)

  3. It was an awesome game..were you watching the first half it was an amazing high scoring high turnovers shootout. It was a very good game, it was the game i was expecting i wasnt expecting it to come into a last second drive or a vinatieri field goal, the fact of the matter is that the nfc is much worse than the afc and it was clear to me that the colts would win.
    I feel so happy for peyton manning, he has no more pressure from the media he won his ring and he is going to win much more.
    They have an amazing team, the best kicker,QB, two set of WR,DE and maybe the best safety. they just need to get a little bit more physical in defense and they could become and dynasty until peyton retires. oh yea we cant forget that addai is an amazing rookie and with rhodes they have a great 1,2 punch.

  4. bford says:

    Yes, letting James go doesn’t seem like that big a deal anymore.

    I won’t say it was boring, but I will say that even though the score was close in the second half, I never had a feeling that the Bears were going to be a threat unless they had a big defensive touchdown or another special teams score.


  5. partyhopper91 says:

    some of these people have absoloutely NO idea what there talking about quoting the announcers of the superbowl exactly someone said addai is an amazing rooke…??? ill admit hes pretty good but honestly you put any running back in the colts offense with two pro bowl wide recievers and an offensive line that has had the least sacks of any team in the leauge you automatically get a 1000 yard back packers going superbowl next year watch brett favre go out like elway… on top


    Packers in the Super Bowl. That’s a good one. I needed a laugh.

    I’ll predict it now: Colts are going back to back. Now that Manning has won the big one, he won’t have the pressure he’s always experienced, and he’ll make it look easy.

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