A Few Random Weekend Notes

  • Since I’ve been confined to the couch because of the wisdom teeth surgery, I’ve had a lot of time to catch up on projects that have been on the backburner because of my ETS from the Army and trying to get moved into the apartment. Go check out the Soundgruve website; I finally added the rest of our services pages and got the staff page up and running. I also set up our RSS feed to go through FeedBurner, so you can subscribe by clicking the orange RSS button on the main page.
  • I also finished up my first Soundgruve spotlight column for Broken Dial. I don’t know when they’re going to publish it, but it should be sometime this weekend. The idea behind the column is to take one unsigned band each week and spotlight them by offering a bit of their history along with links to their official site, MySpace profile and one song for download in MP3 format. The first column spotlights Radiant, so be sure to check that out whenever it’s published.
  • I’m picking up more and more clients every day for my web design business, and it’s looking more and more like God is opening up doors for me to do it for a living. I’m trying to get organized, especially when it comes to time tracking and billing, and I discovered Billings 2 last night and was completely blown away within 1 minute. If there is a better example of a highly functional, easy to use yet powerful application out there, I’m not aware of it. Within ten minutes, I’d set up three clients (by copying them from Address Book on my Mac) and the projects to go along with them, sent out an estimate for work on one project and designed a custom invoice template for Soundgruve. This program is amazing, and if you’re a Mac owner that runs a business from home, I would highly recommend getting it pronto.

We’re going to rent Flags Of Our Fathers and watch it tonight. There’s no guarantee I’ll be able to stay awake through the entire thing, despite the fact that I’ve been wanting to see it. I was planning on watching the UFC marathon tonight, but I’ve already seen much of the stuff they’re replaying so there’s no real reason to watch.


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