We Have Liftoff Tonight

I’m going to the Rockets/Kings game tonight, which will be my first NBA game in about, oh, 15 years. When I was a kid, I went to lots of games with my grandparents, as they had season tickets to Rockets game (just as they did with the Astros and the Oilers). This was back in the old days, when The Summit was still considered a high-tech arena and not the Joel Osteen Building. I know I went to a bunch of NBA playoff games and can vaguely remember going to some NBA Finals games when the Rockets were taking on the hated Celtics.

Man, I hated Larry Bird.

I’d planned on taking my camera to the game, since we’re sitting courtside (courtesy of Lexus) and I’ll probably never be that close to the action again. It looks like the Toyota Center, however, has a rule that prevents people from bringing “professional” photography gear into games, I guess to prevent people who aren’t actual members of the press from taking good quality pictures of the game, thereby forcing us to rely on the shots taken by actual members of the press who are getting paid to take pictures and didn’t have to fork over money to watch the game in the first place.

Yeah, totally makes sense.