The Departed

I simply cannot find the words to describe how utterly fantastic this film is; to do so would be a waste of my time, and so I won’t even try.

I realize that I’m a little bit late to the game when it comes to this flick, and after seeing it tonight on DVD I realize that I should probably go to confessional and admit that yes, I have sinned, and despite not being Catholic would still like to ask for forgiveness for not seeing this masterpiece when it was in the theaters. The funny thing is that I don’t even really remember WHY I didn’t go see it in the first place. Scorcese directing, Damon, Dicaprio, Nicholson all in it, and still I wait until it’s completely out of the market before finally seeing it? I’m thinking of buying tickets to the local dollar cinema tomorrow afternoon just to attempt to make up for my transgressions.

If you haven’t seen it, I’m not going to spoil it for you. I would like to say, however, that rarely (if ever) have I seen such a richly scripted, tightly directed film. It takes a situation that is far from the norm for everyday people (organized crime) and makes it so incredibly realistic and engrossing that when it’s over, you’re wishing it wasn’t. You’re actually wishing it would keep going on and on and on, until the characters are old and gray and you’re tethered to the couch because your body won’t move anymore.

This flick rules. Anything else winning Best Picture is a crime. I wouldn’t be saying that if Pan’s Labyrinth had been nominated (also a crime), but given the rest of the films it’s going up against, The Departed stands heads and shoulders above the rest.


One thought on “The Departed

  1. Matt says:

    My co-worker swears by this movie as well, I on the other hand am in the ‘what am I waiting for, see the movie already’ category.

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