It’s Over

The OC is over, and I’m sad.

Yeah, I know. I’m pretty much the only person that I know who actually watched the show, and that’s the reason it was canceled. And hey, I’m not going to sit here and try to tell you that the show didn’t lose its way over the past few years, because it did.

But this season, the final season, was utterly fantastic. It reminded me of why I started watching it in the first place — great comedy, hilarious dialogue, and just enough drama to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The series finale tonight was perfect in just about every way, and it is the perfect sendoff to a show that I have always enjoyed. Seth and Summer going their separate ways, only to ultimately get married? Perfect. Julie Cooper choosing herself and school over the men who wanted to marry her? Perfect. And yes, Ryan Atwood becoming an architecht and then fading the show to black with him getting ready to help a troubled young kid out in the same way that Sandy helped him out? Absolutely perfect.

I’ll miss that show.


3 thoughts on “It’s Over

  1. Hi J.

    I, too, am a big OC fan. I grew up there and although it’s not an accurate depiction of my life. It was a truly fun show to watch. I’ve DVR’d last night’s episode but your comments didn’t reveal too much…just enough to keep me very interested in getting home and watching the show.

    Your not alone Brother!

  2. bford says:

    yea! no more writing about the OC… your sadness will pass soon, or we’ll make fun of you for long periods of time.

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