Couture Plans Long Fight With Sylvia

Dave Meltzer has a fascinating article in the LA Times today previewing the heavyweight championship fight between Randy Couture and Tim Sylvia at next weekend’s UFC 68 in Ohio.

In the article, Meltzer reveals that Couture is planning to fight Sylvia like a light heavyweight, which is something that nobody has ever tried with the 6’8″ world champion. Randy plans on a long fight, or a battle of attrition, in the hopes that he can wear the big man down enough to get him off his game plan.

I’m currently in the midst of writing my UFC 68 Preview, and it will be posted alongside my picks sometime next week.


3 thoughts on “Couture Plans Long Fight With Sylvia

  1. bford says:

    I really can’t wait to watch this fight. The size difference is huge and it will be interesting to see if Randy can fight this style of fight and keep the HUGE man off of him.



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