Dude, if I saw this thing coming at me with an umbrella, I would run away. Far away. And I would likely not stop running until I died or until it found something new to scare.


2 thoughts on “Ugh

  1. Does that mean Brit has lost all of her sex appeal?

    Is it the shaved head? (‘cuz I thought Natalie Portman pulled off the buzzed look pretty well… then again, I usually think she could be covered in spiders and still be hot. Demi Moore did it too and, although not as smokin’ as Natalie, she didn’t look all THAT bad.)

    Is it the mad rantings of a looney person that’s killed it? (Paris Hilton still gets all sorts of positive feedback and Britney seems like a character on Mr. Rogers compared to some of the things Paris has pulled.)

    When did little Britney fall so far from grace?

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