2007 Oscars: Random Thoughts

A few random Oscar thoughts:

  • The fact that Pan’s Labyrinth wasn’t nominated for Best Picture is a crime against movie lovers everywhere.
  • That Pan’s didn’t win the Best Foreign Film category was a huge shocker, and also a crime.
  • With that being said, I’m glad to see The Departed get its due. It was definitely one of the top two movies I saw last year (the other being Pan’s Labyrinth), and it was by far the most deserving of the nominees. I saw all of the nominated movies, too, and the only one that would even have remotely swayed me (even a bit) from voting for The Departed would be Little Miss Sunshine. In the end, The Departed was just too great to ignore.
  • And how great was it that Scorcese finally wins the big one (or two, depending upon how you look at it)? His acceptance speech was like the cartoon representation of an acceptance speech, and I loved every second of it.
  • Also, how old is Scorcese? Dude has a SEVEN YEAR OLD daughter. That’s what I call bringing the heat late in the game.
  • Biggest shocker of the night for me was Melissa Etheridge winning Best Song immediately following the dynamic Dreamgirls performance that stole the entire show. The winning song, from An Inconvenient Truth, was a terrible, terrible song and never should have had a single chance of winning. Especially following that performance from Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson and the other girl with the great voice.
  • Finally, Ellen Degeneres was a fantastic choice to host and she should be brought back every single year from here on out.

All in all, it was a great show, with memorable upsets and amazing speeches (Forest Whitaker).


One thought on “2007 Oscars: Random Thoughts

  1. bford says:

    Yes the Etheridge song was a travesty…. simply horrible.. but hey, we know who votes on this stuff.. and it ain’t music people.

    I preferred Little Miss Sunshine, but the Departed was ok. The ending was almost silly and ruined it for a lot of people. Ellen is good, but her schtick is the same.. she’s not as good as Billy Crystal, but light years ahead of Whoopi.



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