I’m down to 211.8!

After briefly gaining weight at the end of the week last week (which was weird, because I had a perfect food regiment last week), I did my Monday weigh-in and logged in at 211.8. It’s tough for me to resist weighing myself every day; I always find myself wanting to step on the scale post-workout, even though I know it’s much better to only weigh yourself once per week. The reason given to me by my trainer is that you’ll see bigger gains in a week and it’ll motivate you more than just seeing minute differences every day would.

I’ve discovered a new obsession: fitness yoga.  I took this class with Jon and Tiffany this morning, and it was amazing. My heart rate was racing nearly the entire time, and it was one hell of a workout, but it also stretched my entire body out more than it has been in a very, very long time. I think I’m going to do fitness yoga Monday, Wednesday and Friday and then do weight training on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Anyone doubting yoga should totally give it a shot; if you’re not into the spiritual side, then you should just stick with doing fitness yoga. There’s still some relaxation techniques, but they seem to be done more for stretching than anything else. I feel totally relaxed and great right now, so I’m definitely going to keep doing it.

I’m totally addicted to fitness now.


3 thoughts on “211.8

  1. Off topic but isn’t mistylook a cool theme? we have been using it on our personal non wordpress.com blog for a while. i will check out Trainio, i think i signed up but never did anything with it.

  2. I do love Mistylook. I’d never seen it before, which is strange because I pride myself on staying on top of new theme developments, but I am glad WP.com put it up for usage. I was having a hard time finding anything better than Cutline to use, and luckily Mistylook uses some of the same CSS classes, so it’s easy to work with coming straight from Cutline.

    Traineo is wonderful, BTW. Highly recommended.

  3. bford says:

    I’ve done fitness yoga and it’s cool, but nothing blasts you in a workout like a good fitness boxing class. Believe me, it’s not even close.

    You can learn to do any of the yoga stretches on your own, but boxing stretches you out and hits your muscles much harder. That is providing they have bags for you to use during your work out. I don’t know if Lifetime fitness has that… if they do and they ever build one down around clear lake, I’ll join just for that.

    There is a place in San Antonio that started the boxing classes and they can’t meet demand. They use these awesome bags that are filled with water, so they don’t kill your hands. Real “Heavy Bags” hurt your hands even when your wearing gloves. Do this a couple of times a week for a month and you won’t believe the difference in your arms chest and shoulders and upper back.

    Plus you’ll be able to punch Josh in the junk, quicker and with more power than ever before.


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