FB: 2.27.07 Update

Today’s fatblogging update:

I played about 20 minutes of basketball, keeping my heart rate around 130 the whole time. It still amazes me how much information the Polar heart rate monitor I bought gives me, and it amazes me that something as simple as jogging around and shooting a basketball gives me as much of a cardio workout as it does.

After the basketball, I did upper body weight training. Today was my first day working with free weights; up until this point, I’d just been doing machines to get my body used to lifting weights again. I know free weights provide a much better workout than machines do, so I started them today. I spent 45 minutes working upper body, and it was a GREAT workout. I’m dreading tomorrow morning, though, because I just KNOW that I’m going to be stiff and sore. Luckily, I’ve got Yoga tomorrow to work out some of those kinks.

The food intake was a little off today. I ate my normal chicken and brown rice for lunch, but quickly realized that I’m getting sick of eating chicken and brown rice every meal. I ended up making a no-fat lemon-garlic pasta with shrimp and brocolli for dinner, and it was GREAT. So I ate the right things, and I’m only saying my intake was off because I didn’t have any Muscle Milks for my 9am and 3pm meals. I did buy a few more 4-packs at the grocery store, so I’ll be back to my regular intake tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “FB: 2.27.07 Update

  1. downto62 says:

    Way to go! I can relate to your getting tired/sick of chicken and brown rice. I am a veggie and I eat a lot of mixed vegetables with brown rice now and even though I try to variate on a lowfat sauce/seasoning I am dying for a very cheesy dish!

  2. bford says:

    You’ll save a lot of money by buying the big mixes of muscle milk and then mixing it with water or skim milk. Also always take at least half a serving after lifting weights…. it is fantastic during recovery.


  3. I hate having to mix it. Also I don’t have a blender right now. When I do get one, I’ll probably start buying the big containers, but right now, it’s just easier to have the ready-to-drink ones in the fridge.

    They sure are tasty.

  4. bford says:

    Dude, there are these cool cups where you simply add your mix and liquid and then it has this special cap that screws on the top and breaks up the powder as you mix it. Very handy. I have a couple and they probably sell them somewhere at Lifetime, because they like to make money.

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