I Need A Desk

I’m looking at Ikea for a nice desk for my home office, and I can’t find anything that I completely like.

Here’s what I’m looking for; perhaps the readers can point me towards a solution?

  • It has to be modern. I prefer steel for the frame and either a very light or a dark wood for the top.
  • I’d like something that is a corner desk; by that I mean that part of it fits in the corner, and you have space on the left side. I’m going to be working with multiple monitors soon and I need room for them in addition to my great hi-fi Klipsch speakers.
  • I’d like something under $500. The cheaper the better, which is why I’m looking at Ikea.

3 thoughts on “I Need A Desk

  1. Hey, that one is very nice. It looks almost exactly like one Ikea was selling, except the Ikea one had saw horses underneath the table top instead of shelving.

    I might have to make a run to Target to see if they sell it in stores.

    Thanks for the tip!

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