FB: 2.28.07 Update

Today was great. Mostly because I went to Kroger to buy some stuff to cook for dinner (more on that in a bit) and won a $100 Kroger gift card.

Breakfast was a non-fat yogurt and a banana. I had another banana at 9am, and then lunch was Egg Beaters (equivalent to 4 egg whites). Egg Beaters are pretty good, by the way, and there’s nothing easier.

My workout today was 30 minutes of medium-intensity basketball with my HR around 130, followed by 40 minutes of lower body weight training. I finished up with ten minutes pushing hard on a cycle, and then drank a Muscle Milk afterwards. I see a noticeable difference on the days when I drink Muscle Milk after a workout compared to the days when I don’t; the next day, I’m not NEARLY as sore as I am when I don’t drink Muscle Milk.

For dinner, I made a stir-fry-sorta-thingy with fresh mushrooms, broccoli and tilapia. It was FANTASTIC and I’ll be making it again very, very soon.

I’ll probably drink a Muscle Milk tonight at around 10pm, and that’ll be it for the day.

All told, I feel great. Fantastic. My energy levels are up throughout the entire day (I haven’t taken an afternoon nap in two weeks, which is something I used to do on a daily basis), and I find that I’m sleeping a lot better at night than I used to. I noticed a gigantic difference in my body thus far, and I know it’s not just my mind playing tricks on me because when I started this program, I was wearing a size 38 and now I’m in a size 34.


3 thoughts on “FB: 2.28.07 Update

  1. Anne - down to 62 says:

    I love size progress more than weight progress, because weight has a mysterious way of going up and down while you are actually loosing tons of fat. Congrats!

  2. Thanks for the congrats. I’m ecstatic with the progress I’ve been able to make thus far — down 10 pounds since February 15th! But yes, more importantly, I’m seeing a huge difference in the size of the pants I wear. I’ve always thought about my actual weight being a great indicator of how my progress is going, but I’m doing so much weight training that I now realize I might not see huge losses in that area alone. So I’m paying attention more to the pants size. My goal is a size 30!

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