Brackets, Flights and Apologies

Many thanks to those of you who are still reading. As Daniel pointed out in my tournament picks post, I haven’t been posting much since the Super Bowl. I have a perfectly valid explanation, of course, which consists of me starting my own business and beginning a part-time job at a killer graphic design company, but the details are boring and I’ll spare you.

Needless to say, I plan on picking up the pace here at the blog, but if you’re one of those types who are inclined to want to know more the minutiae of my life, then please feel free to bookmark my Twitter page. Twitter is a pretty cool “mini-blog” service that only allows you to post 153 characters per post, and the idea is that you’ll share what you’re doing right now. If you set up your cell phone properly and you subscribe to my Twitter account, then you’ll get my postings sent directly to your phone via text message. Twitter has been hyped a lot lately, and for good reason: it’s one of the most interesting web-related things I’ve seen in a long, long time.

I’ll do a Round One recap of of my bracket vs. what actually happened tomorrow, but it’s not looking bright. Last year, I placed 9th internationally on the bracket challenge, and this year I’m currently sitting at about 3,512,344th place. Last year I got 100% of the first round games right, and this year I’m barely above the 50% mark. Last year I did no research into my picks and got 95% of them correct, and this year I did four hours of research and I’m barely above average. You do the math.

Anyway, I’ve got to run off to bed. My family spent the past week at Astros spring training camp in Florida, and my sisters were supposed to fly in tonight from Atlanta. As luck would have it, their flight got delayed, so Delta airlines gave them a $7 meal voucher and a blanket…so they could sleep on the floor in the airport, despite the entire delay being caused in Atlanta by two flight attendants who didn’t know they were working today and thus did not show up. I’m glad I’m flying a different airline for my trip to California next month.


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