Good One, Robert

I gotta admit it: I completely bought Robert’s story about Apple collaborating with Google and Amazon on a new “iReader”.

I mean, I bought it BIG TIME. I read the first few paragraphs and then stopped so I could excitedly tell the rest of the guys in the band, who happened to be at my apartment for songwriting sessions. I started reading it to them, telling them all the features and whatnot, and then got to the end of the story where it was revealed that it’s all an April Fools Day prank and felt completely foolish for allowing myself to be suckered like that. Again.

Bravo, Robert. Bravo. You got me to whole-heartedly buy into the post.

By the way, Robert: I’ll be in San Francisco for the first time in ten years next weekend. What’s fun to do around town?

I didn’t fall for Gmail Paper, but it’s pretty funny nonetheless.


2 thoughts on “Good One, Robert

  1. Robert Scoble says:


    How many days are you here for?

    There’s the usual tourist stuff. Golden Gate Bridge (I’ve driven across it hundreds of times and still have a thrill). Alcatraz. Dinner in North Beach (great food, horrible parking). Fisherman’s Wharf (fun to do once, but too touristy for my tastes). Golden Gate Park.

    For a longer trip, Napa for wine tasting. Sierra’s for scenery (Yosemite, et al). Carmel for spectacular golf/ocean views.

    You coming down to Silicon Valley? Only thing worth seeing here is Computer History Museum.

  2. I’ll probably be there for 3 days max, most likely 2.5. I know I want to hit all the major spots (Golden Gate, Wharf, etc), but I’m also looking for the “hidden treasures” of the city. We’re leaving Los Angeles on Saturday and going to Napa for a few vineyard tours and then on to SF through Monday evening.

    I don’t think we’ll be in Silicon Valley, unfortunately. I might be able to get a detour through there, but if the CHM is the only thing worth seeing, we probably won’t make the trip.

    Are you going to be around town next weekend? I’d like to finally meet you; I’ll buy you a beer or something. 🙂

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