Lidge Blows Game

Well, the 2007 Houston Astros season began much the way that the last two have ended: with Brad Lidge giving up a homer in the ninth inning and blowing a save.

Lidge shouldn’t be the closer anymore. I’m surrounded by family and friends who want to keep giving him chances, and I realize this is just opening day and it’s only one blown save, but it’s the first game of the season and he’s already blown a save in a game that the Astros otherwise played extremely well in. Roy Oswalt was an ace in every sense of the word after the first inning of play tonight, and he deserved to get the win. Brad Lidge just can’t shake the ghost of Albert Pujols that has been hanging off his back for the past two years, and at this point I’m not certain he ever will.

I’d much rather they put the guy in a middle relief position and let him work his way back into the closer spot than to keep him out there and keep letting him blow games. I understand it’s the first game of a very long season, but it seems to me that every single game is going to count in a big way for this Astros team, and they can’t afford to let him rebuild his confidence on the job.

I’m so glad baseball is back.