Caifornia Tour Diary, Day 1.5

Man, California is a trip.

I arrived last night around 10:30 after a 3 hour flight, a 3 hour flight in which I sat next to Texas A&M basketball star Acie Law, a fact that made my little sister Brandy extremely happy. Anthony picked me up at LAX and we headed immediately to Hollywood. We parked by Grauman’s theater and walked around in the heart of Hollywood for awhile, checking out the Kodak Theater, the Walk Of Fame, El Capitan and all sorts of things in that area. Hollywood is unlike anything I have ever experienced in my entire life, that’s for sure. After we left, we went to a great vodka bar called Bar Lubitsch which had a great vibe and what was likely the largest selection of world-renowned vodkas that I will ever see. After that, it was home and straight to bed, which is why I didn’t post this update last night.

Today was incredible eventful. We woke up around 9am and headed to Hugo’s in Beverly Hills for breakfast, where I had a breakfast pizza created with honey-chipotle tomato sauce, eggs, and organic cheese on a toasted whole grain crust. By the way, I’m not adhering to my usual diet this week whatsoever.

After breakfast, we went to Sunset and walked around. We went into Amoeba Music, which is probably the finest music and media store in the world. It was a virtual mecca for music nerds, of which I am one. After the walk, we drove down to Venice Beach and spent the afternoon. What an experience that was. I’ve never seen anything like it and probably never will.

We left Venice around 5 and went to the world famous Pink’s Hot Dogs for dinner. Good lord, my stomach is regretting it now, but that was some of the best (and worst) food ever. I had a bacon burrito dog, which is exactly what it sounds like: two hot dogs wrapped in a large tortilla and filled with chili, cheese and bacon. It tasted like heaven, but I regretted eating it about 5 minutes after I finished.

After dinner we went to the Arclight and saw The Reaping. I’ve never been in as fine of a movie theater as Arclight, and I’ve been in a bunch. It was huge, the screen was huge, the seating was cushioned captains chairs, and the sound quality was amazing. Also, they didn’t show ANY advertisements before the movie, which is not something I’m used to whatsoever. The movie was amazing, probably the most terrifying film I can remember seeing, and is totally worth your money if you think you can handle it. I barely could, but then again I’m a wuss when it comes scary flicks.

I’m amazed at the density of this city. Every square inch is jam packed with store after store, and I can’t believe how many people populate this city. I’m not sure I could live here, but it sure is fun to visit. It’s a completely different world than what I’m used to.

Tomorrow morning we wake up and head to San Francisco for the weekend, which I’m thrilled about. I’ll post some of the photos I’ve taken tomorrow when we get to our hotel in San Fran.