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UPDATE: I’ve done more One Republic posts, which you can see by visiting my One Republic archive. You should also go buy yourself some OneRepublic t-shirts! The new album, “DREAMING OUT LOUD” will go on sale on November 20.

While visiting California last week, my friend Anthony introduced me to the music of One Republic. He’s friends with the guys in the band, and he’d been telling me about them for well over a year, but I never listened to them until just a few days ago.

It’s very rare when a first listen to a song grabs my attention and refuses to let go, but One Republic’s “Mercy” did just that. Not only do they play the style of music that I love to listen to the most (in the vein of Coldplay, U2, Muse, etc), but there’s just something tangible about the band that hooks you, something that you can’t quite put your finger on but know you enjoy nonetheless.

“Spirituality” is something that has become just another buzzword to help market and sell music. There’s a reason for that, obviously: people are looking for something a little deeper, a little more “real” than the typical stuff that’s on the radio these days, and so the music industry has shifted and compensated for that by finding acts that have a spiritual bent to them. I’m not going to talk about a lot of these bands, but I can tell you that One Republic is the real deal. The music in this band runs a lot deeper than just a glance at the surface, and I think that’s why I’m enjoying them so much.

Check em’ out — you’ll love it.


46 thoughts on “Band To Watch: One Republic

  1. johnny says:

    how do i get a copy of their other music besides Apologize and goodbye apathy? i love their sound but am unable to fina their album.

  2. You can listen to four of the songs on their MySpace, plus a video for Angel Of Mercy, which is my personal favorite One Republic song. From what I understand, the album will be released in the fall on Timbaland’s new record label.

  3. I have been listening to these guys since the latter part of 2005, because of some conections to one of the guys who was recording the album for OneRepublic. The album copy that I have ( with 11 songs) is “AMAZING”, there really is not a bad song on it. I was kind of sad that it seemed like nothing happened with the band until I found out that Timbaland was doing a remix of Apologize. It would be awesome if Timbaland’s new label releases OneRepublic becuase i definatly think that they have the potential of going far.

  4. I think they’d originally signed with Columbia, but something happened and it fell through, but they did end up signing with Timbaland, which means that record should finally be released to the rest of the world sometime this year.

    Thank God, too. They’re great.

  5. Luke says:

    I really love the stuff they’ve maid.
    Do any of you now if it’s going to be Timbalands next single?

  6. Kindle says:

    Yes, it is already playing here in Cali. It is a big hit out here and still gives me chills every single time I hear them. You can also download them on I have about 7 or so of their songs, other then appologize with Timbaland. Awesome band, I can not wait for them to explode.

  7. Trish says:

    Hello, had to google one republic, and yes from the timbaland album, i heard that song “apologise” and like u said, tingles down my spine, the lead singers voice is beautiful. Some recent callaborations have opened my eyes up to some amazing artists and now im just waiting until i can get my hands on their own material. Im gonna be keeping my ears to the ground for their album, and def playing it to my friends, good luck to the guys!!
    Trish, sunny blackpool, england.

  8. Mike says:

    This song is awsome “apologize” i have listened to it like 7 times straight. The song intrances you. Makes you think of past relationships and I agree they R going to be great.

  9. elly says:

    omg i really want their album RIGHT NOW. I’m waiting and looking for anything i can get my hands on. I have no clue why i like them so much, perhaps it’s that feeling where one can almost hear the soul of the band coming through their lyrics, as if they were singing their soul out to you. It could be any given reason, and despite that they have a similiar sound to many bands out there, they still give the the “tingles.”

  10. Eva says:

    I am listening to their songs right now and there is not even one that I dislike. They are a band to watch, their song are beautiful and ready to rip your heart out so you just have no choice but to fall in love with them. I already have and you will too as soon you will hear their music. I hope that they will stay true to their organic and wonderful sound, amazing, great, beautiful, captivating, true……, enjoy.

  11. Cheryl says:

    This band is AWESOME!!! They were the guest band on “So You Think You Can Dance” last night and they did Apologize. I was mesmerized by them and can’t wait for their album to come out!

  12. Becky says:

    I to am mezmerized by this band, I have never Googled anything in my life until today and this band. I really like their sound and the fact that they can actually sing. It is really refreshing to see actual musical talent again instead of all of the teeny boppers who look good on stange but can’t really sing. Can’t wait for their album to come out it will be a must have for me.

  13. Peggy says:

    I was impressed with this band…I’m 52 years young and really enjoyed listening to them on So you think you can dance. Do they have any CDs out?

  14. Vicky says:

    I saw this band last night on So You Think You Can Dance and have been searching on the internet during my entire lunch hour trying to find out more. Good to hear that they have an album releasing in the fall. I think this band is going to go far. Love them!!!!!!

  15. Cheryl says:

    Love the responses since mine this morning! Peggy, like you, I am in my 50’s, soon to be 55 years young and like Vicky have been searching the internet all morning for more on them. I haven’t been so impressed by a band since Daughtry! Yes, this band is sure to go very, very far!

  16. Shylakay says:

    I too… watched them on SO YouThink You Can Dance..and have searched all day trying to find them.. I figured if didn’t have them .. NO one did. I can’t wait until the fall ….I hope they will continue to write and release songs that we can at least ~ Listen~ to.. until then. I guess I will confess now to the 55 age group..they are awesome band tho’ ..and I appreciate TRUE musical talent and arrangement. It was mesmerizing and beautiful.

  17. mike fondario says:

    i am looking where to find the music for One Republic?
    Can you tell me where I could find this locally in Bradenton Florida?
    Thank You

  18. mike fondario says:

    I am happy to see that more people feel the same about the group. I was also watching the TV program ans thought that their music was different. I am also in my 50’s.
    I am looking to hear more of them soon!

  19. Cheryl says:

    I keep coming back to this web site, can’t help myself. I am so psyched that the 50’s group has found a group like this whose music is so great! (Also to see so many who watch “So You Think You Can Dance) If I didn’t watch that show, I most likely never would have heard of the group let alone hear their music! Hey, Mike, I am from Seminole Florida, just across the Skyway. Haven’t found any thing here either.

  20. Rosalind says:

    Just to let everyone know, although the 50’s age group seems to appreciate One Republic’s music, the twentysomethings are loving it as well! I am 23 and my roommates and I are LOVING One Rupublic’s music! There is so much depth and melencolic beauty to thier music that really touches the soul. Their record is not coming out untill Fall, but if you go to Myspace music, there are about 8-10 songs on the One Republic page. I hope these talented guys get the recognition they deserve!!

  21. lara says:

    I saw them too on SYTYCD, I watch it every week, but didn’t notice that the song was the same that Danny & Anya (barf them, not the song) danced to. They have been the only band on there that was worth listening to from beginning to end, all the others were ok, but I could listen to One republic all day long. I actually googled them & found a site that has 2 songs, Apologize & Stop & Stare on it, that I’ve been listening to for the past 30 minutes, just over & over. It’s not got old yet….

  22. VS says:

    I just luv this group……where are you guys getting the songs from. Can buy it from somewhere….can someone please tell me.


  23. CHRISTI C says:

    I am absolutely in LUV w/this group !!!!! I also saw them on SYTYCD , I loved the song when D & A danced to it. I was sooo psyched when I found out they were going to perform : ) I have the show recorded & I play the song over & over everyday when I get home from work. I played it for my husband the other day & he really liked it too! I luv watching them perform, they seem so real & true. Full of passion!! Cannot wait for the album. I haven’t been this excited about an album in a while. woO HOo !! Thanks for posting the info.


  24. Naima says:

    effing love their song “apologize” it’s simple but very enjoyable! I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of their album.

  25. Jacque says:

    Absolutely awesome. I saw them on so you think they could dance and fell in love. I love the lyrics and he it really makes you feel it. Awesome voice and awesome sound!!! I actually tried to find them in the store (I felt dumb)!

  26. Esther says:

    Dude They are awesome. I love the song apologize and I would totally do it with one of them in an airport bathroom

  27. Annie says:

    Man i love yalls song too late to apologize…it helped me thourght so much when my ex wanted me back….

  28. Tom says:

    apoligize is dominant but “say(all i need)” is going to be the next number one song around . I love it

  29. Gertie Kotze says:

    am 57 years, but this is a superb band, they rock the world, step aside Justin T, Gwen etc. they have bowled me over for a six. love them.

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