NBA Playoff Predictions

  • Well, I’ve done this for the last two major tournaments (those being the NFL Playoffs and the NCAA Tournament), so I might as well continue by predicting the NBA Playoffs. I’m taking these predictions from my official Facebook bracket, which were finished two days before the playoffs began.
  • Also note that I very nearly predicted the NFL Playoffs to perfection, but did horribly on the NCAA Tournament, so I think I’m due a good set of predictions on this one.
  • I’ll do additional predictions after each round, but this post will serve as a reminder of how great (or how awful) I am at this sort of thing.


Dallas Mavericks d. Golden State Warriors
Houston Rockets d. Utah Jazz
San Antonio Spurs d. Denver Nuggets
Phoenix Suns d. Los Angeles Lakers

Dallas Mavericks d. Houston Rockets
San Antonio Spurs d. Phoenix Suns

Dallas Mavericks d. San Antonio Spurs


Detroit Pistons vs. Orlando Magic
Chicago Bulls d. Miami Heat
Toronto Raptors d. New Jersey Nets
Cleveland Cavaliers d. Washington Wizards

Chicago Bulls d. Detroit Pistons
Cleveland Cavaliers d. Toronto Raptors

Cleveland Cavaliers d. Chicago Bulls


Dallas Mavericks d. Cleveland Cavaliers