Jason Calacanis, the former head of Weblogs Inc and one of the most intelligent men in the blogging industry, has published a list of rules for getting him to link to your site. I thought it would be interesting to take a long glance at Jason’s rules, distill them, and come up with a much shorter version that could possibly apply to everyone, not just Jason.

Oh, and I also used one of his rules in the first sentence of this paragraph.


  1. Say good things about me. Everyone likes to be built up, to have others compliment them, and I’m a lot more apt to come up with something good to say about you if you do it first. It’s human nature, and that very same nature applies to blogging.
  2. Show that you care, even if you don’t. If a person seems like they’ve been reading my material for a long period of time, I’ll be inclined to reward that person with links more than I would for, say, someone who just happened across one of my posts on TechMeme and is trying to score points by linking to 8 of the blogs that are commenting on it. Do some research. Read some of my popular posts, use some of my quotes, and generally show that you’ve actually read them. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never heard of me before today — just make it seem like you have.
  3. Link to more than just my blog. Everybody links to blogs, especially if it’s a popular topic. It takes a little more dedication to give off the impression that you actually follow my Twitter postings or that you listen to my band, but it also pretty much guarantees that I’ll link to you and join in your discussions. Not only that, but I’ll probably add your feed to my Google Reader so I can keep up with you in the future.

There we go. Jason’s Rules For Linkbaiting, distilled into three easy bites that can pretty much apply to everyone out there.


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  3. s_jenkins says:

    Great article! I have a couple of questions though: a) does Google have existing penalties for the term ‘linkbaiting’ and b) what do you think of the term ‘linkbaiting’?

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