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What in the WORLD is happening with this show?

I was worried for a little bit there; you know, right in the middle of the current season, when it seemed like the writers had completely lost track of where they really wanted to take the show and every week was just another excuse to put another unsolved mystery on top of the show mythology.

I thought Lost had finally jumped the tracks.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

The past two weeks have been amazing, purely fantastical works of genius. After tonight, I’m more intrigued and excited about this show than I’ve been since season one, and I never thought I’d get that level of excitement back about this show.

A few questions I’ve got. If you’ve not seen the newest episodes, you might want to skip this section.

  • Is John dead? Surely not, although it certainly seemed that way. Remember, though, that the island has the power to heal people quickly, and John has always had more faith in the island than everyone, Ben included. So while the scene with Ben turning and Jon and shooting him was gripping and shocking, in no way do I think it’ll stick.
  • Is Ben just certifiably crazy, or does Jacob the Invisible Man actually exist? I was certain that Jacob was a figment of Ben’s imagination; after all, his life story would certainly lead one to believe that Ben went off the deep end, killing all the Dharma Initiative folk along with his own father.
  • This isn’t a question, per say, but Ben is terrifying. I’d begun really liking his character over the past few months, but tonight showed that underneath all the compassion, Ben is truly evil. After all, he not only murdered his own father, but he also likely killed hundreds of members of the Dharma Initiative. Is this why Russo left him, because he’d gone mad with power and killed everyone she ever knew?
  • And last, but certainly not least, is the showdown coming next week between the Others and the Losties. I don’t even know where to begin with this one, except to say that it looks like Jack has finally seen the light, and it also seems like Juliet is with him. Which is good, because Juliet is one of my favorite characters on the show, and it’d be a shame for her not to have a major role next season

I can’t wait for next week. If you’ll excuse me, I have to watch 24 from this week now.


3 thoughts on “I’m LOST

  1. bford says:

    Yeah, that was awesome….

    Don’t worry, Sawyer is going to take care of business next week and don’t forget about the Hobbit.

  2. Again, here’s a show I’ve never seen but have heard all the hype about.

    This could be dangerous. First, I was hooked on 24. I kept missing episodes so I just turned it off completely until the DVD was released. Every so often, I’ll do a 24 marathon and veg in front of the the tube for a few days to get the whole season at once.

    Then, I kept hearing about Grey’s Anatomy. (Normally, something from which I would run run run as fast as I could.) I broke down and rented Season 1, actually liked it and went back for more. Now, I’m anxious for S3 to be done and released on DVD so I can continue my crack habit.)

    I’ve seen the Lost DVD’s at the video rental. I’ve even picked it up a few times. I know, though, that it’s a show that *seems* exactly like something I would love. So, I hesitate.

    Can I really afford yet another vegetative state, lost in a Lost haze, staying up until 4am just to see the last 2 episodes on a disc before telling myself that I’m up late enough already, might as well stay up the rest of the night… and, of course, finish one more disc in the series?

    Oh, I don’t think it’ll hurt. (Can I blame this one on you when I get even less sleep than I do now? LOL!)

  3. lost is the best tv show on!!!!!!! anyone who doesnt watch it r mental. i love every episode, 24 is also wicked and prsion break is just as good.

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